Troy - Dominic
Troy - Steve Collett
Troy - Dominic
Troy - Dominic and Steve

Troy. About F**king Time.

Troy were a punk rock band formed in 1980 in the small town of Malvern in Worcestershire.  The original members were 14, 15 and 16 years old at the time.  They couldn’t play particularly well but made up for it with a passion that shone through in their live performances.  They wrote some cracking songs but never made it into a recording studio.

Finally, after forty years, the band got together again to record some of the songs they first played in those mad, mad days of teenage boredom, glue induced euphoria and juvenile angst.

The result is a four track EP called ‘About F**king Time’  that features three original songs and one classic cover.

Punk Rock. Passion.

The original punk rock Troy was fronted by Dominic Marshall with Steve Collett on guitar, Ralph Tittley on bass and Mike Lewis on drums.  Their first gig was at the (now legendary) Phoenix Club in Malvern.  They played several gigs in Malvern and Worcester and were offered a support slot with the Angelic Upstarts at the Winter Gardens.  With true punk spirit, and assuming that such things happened all the time, they turned it down.  Instead, they went to London for the weekend.  The lineup for their various reunion gigs and for the current EP has Jem Vipond on second guitar and Rob Hodges on drums.

About F**king Time

Cell Beating

This song, based on actual events, documents what happens when a young punk rocker gets arrested and ends up in the nick.

The hypocrisy and casual brutality of 1980s policing is exposed with the subtle naivety  of youth.

Teenage Boredom

What do you do in a small town when there’s nothing to do?  Watch the telly, go to the pub, get into fights.  That’s what.


Got an angry feeling, needs to be set free. Unexploded bomb inside of me.  Teenage angst?  Mental health?  Fuck off.


Our cover of The Ruts’ classic punk anthem.  We couldn’t help ourselves.

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Troy - Dominic and Steve